From some point of view,

this music is second only to the music of “The Beatles”.



My name is John Siest. I am 38 years old. I am a simple musician from Poland. Together with my brother Peter we recorded a music album with Pop music in English, with my compositions, my vocals and Peter's lyrics and mine. A hired musician played the instruments. People who listened to this album liked it very much, but it has not been released by any record company so far, so we are still looking for a record label for this album. Maybe you can help us.


The aforementioned music album is the album of the highest commercial quality, as evidenced especially by several facts.




This album was available on Spotify for a while - we put it there by ourselves without any record label. Moments after it appeared there, after several hundred people had contact with it, we managed to achieve something exceptional. On the Spotify service, among the 20 artists, related (by Spotify system) to our music; to this album), there were 11 artists from Rolling Stone Magazine’s “List Of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time". Across Spotify, only "The Beatles" scored better (13). This is amazing information about our music, considering that on Spotify you can find virtually all music stars from around the world and Rolling Stone Magazine is recognized as the most important music critic for many decades, and The Beatles is the best selling music artist of all time, and, on the mentioned list of Rolling Stone Magazine, The Beatles are number one.


In this link there are screenshots from my Spotify profile at the time, where you can see the 20 artists related to my music (Glitter - my then artist name). You can see, there are 11 artists from the “List of 100 Greatest Artist Of All Time” by Rolliing Stone Magazine: The Ramones (#26), Bruce Springsteen (#23), The Who (#29), Johnny Cash (#31), U2 (#22), Jimi Hendrix (#6), Elton John (#49), James Brown (#7), The Clash (#28). The Stooges (#78), Elvis Costello (#80). I am giving a link to the "Wikipedia" article, where the list is given, here


As I checked by going to the profiles of various artists on Spotify, the artists from the top of the list are the closest to my score – The best in whole Spotify is "The Beatles" with the score of 13 - 2 more than my score, next, after my score are: Chuck Berry - 8, Elvis Presley - 8, Bob Dylan - 7. (If you look at first 30, not whole 100 of the list, my music has the same score with "The Beatles" – 7 and it’s the highest score…)




In turn, in other Spotify statistics, but little different, from Spotify's "Fan insights", named "Who else they listen to", where Spotify lists 10 artists, all of them (on my profile) received a total of over 50 Grammy Awards. In this ten are included among others: Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Kanye West, Eminem and other famous performers. This list includes the world's most famous musicians of the 21st century. (screenshothere)




The third important fact about our album is that, on average, every third person who heard my voice on this album said, that I sing like Michael Jackson. I quote: "A voice unimaginably similar to Jackson!" or "You sing like Michael Jackson! One could make a mistake!", or: "You must have listened to Michael Jackson a lot in your childhood", which is not true because I hardly listened to him - that's just my voice.




One more fact about this music is that I have a half-hit sensitivity - what I like, 50/50 is a hit, and what becomes a hit, I like 50/50. This applies to everything that surrounds me, but especially popular music because the word "hit" most often applies to popular music. I like 50% of global hits. It works the other way around - 50% of the songs that I like are mega world hits, and 100% of these songs are performed by music stars. This has been confirmed for many years. I like this album of ours all, so it has the potential to make half of the songs on it become global hits.




A confirmation of my sensitivity to the hit is the Spotify playlist that I have created according to my taste (“Joy”) which contains several hundred songs, my favorites from popular music, especially from the last 30 years, but not only. This is, I think, one of the highest-grossing playlists on Spotify (these songs were the biggest box office hits), and when it comes to playlists made by taste of one person, maybe even the highest. Each track has an average of at least 100 million views, even though there are a lot of tracks that were "hot" when Spotify didn't exist yet. Many songs have around half a billion plays there, and there is also a song that has over two and a half billion plays, big percent of these songs had a nomination to Grammy Award, or they even won it. All these songs in this playlist are chosen by my personal taste, not by knowledge of the success of these songs. Link to this playlist on Spotify - here




My music, this album, that I am saying about, is an extremely commercial music, like an advertisement in some sense, and people usually don’t talk about ads, but those ads bring giant profits to producers of products. Commercial works are also very criticized by critics and by units, by single people, but those works are liked by global recipient. That is Pop music. That is potential of my music. On the other side, classical works are glorified by critics, but usually they aren’t so big commercial success like many commercial works. Those two poles unite in some point, and that’s why some commercial works are glorified by critics, and classical works sometimes are big commercial success. My music is so commercial, that it will be very criticized but it is also, to some extent, I believe, a worthy artistic work, and with giant commercial value…




I have already had some successes. I won several song festivals as a soloist, I won a festival in Chicago as a member of the band, and also I sang at the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland as a member of group, but our album is still waiting to be released, and, as I showed, it is one of the most valuable commercially music albums in the world.




Even big record companies often release albums where there is no a single big hit, or there is only one hit, so why not one of them would release an album with a potential of about 7 mega hits (out of 15 songs)?




Please, help us with breaking through with our music. Our goal is to give at least a litlle joy to the others, to many others… If you can help, please, contact with us. We will be very grateful and your help can be profitable for you…


The aforementioned music – 15 songs to listen to on PC - here


Contact: , Tel: (+48) 502 117 532